Womxn Paint in the news


Adding women’s stories to the street 

The Globe and Mail — August 30, 2018

"On Aug. 19, aerosol lids were snapped shut on the bigger, better 2018 version, which took 10 days to complete. Under the “Uplifting Each Other” banner, 30 artists covered 4,225 square feet just above Dundas Street West, in a winding laneway connecting McCaul and D’Arcy streets, a stone’s throw from the Art Gallery of Ontario...There are plenty of conversations that can be had while walking Toronto’s newest graffiti hotspot, such as the joy or trauma of motherhood, body positivity, and indigenous or elderly rights, to name but a few." READ MORE

The walls aren't even dry yet but this feminist mural project already has people debating the issues

CBC ARTS —  July 14, 2017

"Over the next two days, a collective of women artists will produce 18 new murals in Toronto's Parkdale neighbourhood, taking over a 2,000 square-foot stretch of laneway that spans the block from Landsdowne to MacDonell Ave. Many of the 19 painters involved have never met before, and they won't until they all arrive in that particular alley. They include first-time muralists and members of seasoned street art collectives, long-time Parkdalians and new Canadians — and Bareket Kezwer is the artist who organized the paint jam, an event that she's simply called 'Women Paint.'" READ MORE



Feminist Street Artists Transform Parkdale Alleyway into Public Gallery

Torontoist — July 18, 2017

"Public spaces, like subways and alleyways, have historically been areas that perpetuate gender discrimination and violence. Women Paint allows discussions about the feminist movement to continue outside of academic spaces and political activism, where murals quite literally intersect with one another to display untarnished, overlapping identities that shape the female experience." READ MORE