Summer 2017

In July 2017, Women Paint took to the streets of Toronto and transformed a Parkdale alleyway into outdoor art gallery.

20 female identified artists came together over three days to paint over 2,000 sq ft. of murals.  The theme was "Intersectional Feminism: representing diverse experiences".  The murals are as stylistically diverse as the artists who created them.



Emily May Rose  @emilymayrose

Emily May Rose @emilymayrose

Bareket Kezwer  @bkez

Bareket Kezwer @bkez

Jieun June Kim  @junekima.rt

Jieun June Kim @junekima.rt

Christina Mazzulla  @cmazzulla

Christina Mazzulla @cmazzulla

Caitlin Taguibao  @taggybowow

Caitlin Taguibao @taggybowow

Rachel Wilmshurst  @controlartdelete

Rachel Wilmshurst @controlartdelete

Andrea Manica  @andreamanica

Andrea Manica @andreamanica



Tennille Dowers  @thepaintedlime

Tennille Dowers @thepaintedlime

Julieta Arias @Originaljulez

Julieta Arias @Originaljulez

Stephanie Bellefleur  @bellefleurhaus

Stephanie Bellefleur @bellefleurhaus

Courtney Binns  @cvbinns

Courtney Binns @cvbinns



Monica Wickeler  @monicaonthemoon

Monica Wickeler @monicaonthemoon

Aitak Sorahitalab  @aitakst

Aitak Sorahitalab @aitakst

Daniela Rocha  @_muisca_

Daniela Rocha @_muisca_

Aura and Chief Lady Bird  @auralast   @chiefladybird

Aura and Chief Lady Bird @auralast @chiefladybird

MSKA  @mska

MSKA @mska

Hello Kirsten  @hellokirsten

Hello Kirsten @hellokirsten